27. 9. 2021



Author’s names leads to their Patreon pages (or other available website if they haven’t patreon page).
Don’t forget to pay them a visit before you download their stuff. I really recommending it so you can’t miss their other projects or bugfixes etc.

Author Description author’s work Projects

Alorth is one of best graphics I even know, who make very nice animations. He is that one who helps other developers with animations. I am sure that I’we seen his name in quite few games other than the two in list. Expressions are his speciality. Try some of games he working on and you will know what I meant. Neko Paradise, Radiant and some others

Killer7 working on two games at same time. I am impressed, because both games have in common only sad story. Not sure what engine / character creator using on MNM, but I am slightly familiar with HS / HS2 models and this stuff is different. This guy managed to create one of my favorite models in HS (Lucy) and his stories are extremely emotional. If you play one of his games, please don’t come back here with tears. You have been warned! My New Family, My New Memories

This is one of the good guys who helps other developers with stuff, if you ask him nicely. His animations were bit primitive in beginning, but in every version of Serenity you will see big improvements. For example I played Serenity from versions 0.4 or 0.5 (Day 4 / Day 5) and in version 0.9 finally images weren’t half empty thanks to rework. I am sure that in future we’ll see much more content and improvements. I REALLY RECOMMENDING HIS STUFF! Serenity

Runey working all alone on huge project named Harem Hotel. Well I am not complettely sure if he is working alone, but leave it be. Anyway I recommend to even just try his game. Harem Hotel

For Developers:

If you have any problem with me distributing your stuff here, please contact me via PM on F95ZONE so we can speak things out. Otherwise shut up and enjoy spreading your (modded) games to more people for free 😀